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As the premier and original home for applied improv in Pittsburgh, Steel City Improv has been empowering businesses and organizations since 2010.

We enhance team dynamics through innovative, hands-on workshops. Our expertise in Applied Improvisation transforms improv comedy techniques into practical business skills, boosting communication, collaboration, and creativity.

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Based in Pittsburgh, PA, we are committed to delivering exceptional training experiences wherever your team is located. Whether you’re in our city or across the country, we travel to bring our transformative workshops directly to you.

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Sales Effectiveness

Build a proactive sales team with our sales workshops focusing on empathy, active listening, and the ability to quickly adjust tactics. These sales training sessions help transform rejections into opportunities, ensuring a competitive edge in client interactions. Enhance your team's sales skills for improved performance and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Transform your customer service with our customer service workshops designed to nurture empathy, advance problem-solving skills, and enrich customer interactions. Our training paves the way for greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring your team excels in every customer interaction.

Collaborative Leadership

Cultivate leadership that inspires and connects teams with our leadership development workshops. Focused on effective communication, resolving conflicts, and making strategic decisions collaboratively, these sessions enhance overall team unity and effectiveness. Elevate your leadership skills to drive team success.

Creativity & Innovation

Advance your team's innovative abilities with our innovation workshops. These sessions focus on cultivating creative thought and establishing an atmosphere that supports the birth and growth of fresh ideas. Foster a culture of innovation and creativity within your organization for continuous improvement.

Laymen's Terms for Engineers (Coming Soon!)

Simplify technical dialogue with our technical communication workshops. We teach developers how to express complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms, ensuring smoother interactions with non-technical stakeholders. Enhance your team's communication skills for better collaboration and project success.

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Our Clients

We take pride in crafting custom workshops tailored to our clients’ unique needs! Since 2010, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of amazing companies and organizations. Here are just a few of the esteemed clients we’ve collaborated with. Hear some of their stories!