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Our History

Founded in 2010, Steel City Improv has become Pittsburgh’s leading provider of applied improvisation workshops for corporate training. We have proudly partnered with numerous businesses and organizations, including Bayer, Google, the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Kraft Heinz, and Lego, to deliver impactful training sessions. Our workshops focus on team building, communication, creativity, and leadership skills, helping organizations navigate complex challenges and foster a collaborative work environment.

At Steel City Improv Training, we champion the principles of Applied Improvisation. Our workshops do more than teach improv—they provide valuable life and career skills. Improv training helps participants become better listeners, more positive individuals, and more adept at handling unexpected situations. 

Whether enhancing your team’s dynamics, improving communication, or fostering innovation, our training programs offer practical solutions that make learning fun and effective.

Our Mission

At Steel City Improv, our mission is to revolutionize corporate training through the art of long-form improvisation. We empower businesses and their employees to embrace their natural talents and develop essential skills for professional growth. 

Our Applied Improvisation techniques enhance teamwork, communication, and leadership, transforming both individual performance and organizational dynamics. We are committed to delivering engaging and effective training workshops that bring practical benefits to businesses.

Our Philosophy: Listen. Commit. Play.

  • Listen: Mastering the art of listening opens up a world of possibilities. In a world where everyone wants to be heard, truly staying in the moment and listening can transform interactions and create meaningful connections.

  • Commit: Embracing others’ ideas and fully committing to our own can be daunting. Improv training helps us silence the inner critic and take bold steps forward, fostering a supportive environment where creativity can flourish.

  • Play: A playful mindset unlocks endless potential and inspiration. When we view failure as an exciting part of the creative process, it encourages a fearless approach to innovation and collaboration.