What Our Clients Are Saying

"Steel City Improv, you did it again! Your improv workshop in my [Inventive Problem Solving in Biomedical Engineering] class this year was a spectacular success. Never before have I witnessed such a transformation of introverted left-brained engineering students into courageous, creative improvisers.

We all had a ton of fun, but more importantly learned several valuable life lessons… about trusting our instincts, supporting our team members, accepting “gifts,” paying attention to subtle details, and realizing that ‘I am enough.’ If not mistaken, this is the fifth year that you have lead our class in this workshop, and it keeps getting better.

You truly have a magical influence on these students, and I cannot thank you enough."
James F. Antaki, PhD
Cornell University, Department of Biomedical Engineering
"Steel City Improv and [your] facilitators came into a unique group of people and got really hands on with them – not only did [our members] enjoy that, but the hands on technique is something they really appreciated. You all did this with so much professionalism and genuine passion – it really showed! Thank you for providing a stellar experience and great learning for our group. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I know who is looking for a service Steel City Improv can provide! You guys were rock stars."
Natasha C.
"I took a corporate leadership development group to Steel City Improv. Skeptics became converts, people became machines, and bunnies were passed. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a teambuilding event."
Ben B.
"The workshop exceeded every expectation. Justin did a masterful job making everyone comfortable, easing us into exercises, and gradually building from there. By the end, we were actually doing scenes. Aside from having an absolute blast, we each (nine of us in total) took away lessons in collaboration that will apply to our day to day. I can't recommend [Steel City Improv] highly enough."
Pete R.
"The conversation building exercise was a ton of fun and I can see how it will help in developing team building skills and networking."
Recent University Participant